Virtual cameras can be placed inside or outside of patient geometry.

Motion capture data of actual patient movement can be recorded and overlayed over the patient geometry for analysis

Computer animated videos and images can be generated in a variety of formats for viewing and interaction on mobile phones, tablets or desktop web browsers.


NexGenViz can add full articulation to the computer model generated by scans so the skeleton can be moved and rotated at skeletal joints in a virtual computer environment that applies real-world gravity and physics.

All skeletal movement is governed by the patient's actual bone structure.

Further programming can be added to simulate any patient movement.



Convert MRI or CT Scan files to a computer 3D model in any standard format.

Send DCM files to NexGenViz and receive a

3D model file within 24 hours.

Models can be viewed with Bones, Skin or Fat tissue visible.

Computer 3D model can be sent to a 3D printer to generate a physical model.